Things I learnt today

005 : Dockerized

Hi there. Long time no see. I’ve been busy but is working on getting back to writing :-) Meanwhile I’ve been geeking a bit with Docker.I wanted a practical exercise so why not trying to host a website on it. This blog is now served from a Docker container on a Digital Ocean VPS. I’ve also deployed a Let’s Encrypt certificate. This blog is now full HTTPS Yay :) Links and notes on the setup:

004 : What Did I Learnt at IFF

At the beginning of the month I attended the first Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia (which took place over the Circumvention Tech Festival last year) for a week in the sunny Valencia. Thumbs up to Open Tech Fund and IREX teams for making this happen and bringing such a crowd of wide range of people connected to the online freedom fight space. I’m going to quite a few of these events during the year and it’s the only event with such an collaborative atmosphere.

003 : 6 Feet Under

I’m a big fan of documentaries. One of the recent ones I’ve been watching lately is the 15 billion the 3 parts BBC one about Crossrail Elizabeth line. 3 episodes for a total of 3 hours on this astonishing and engineering work under a living (and buzzing) city. Breath-taking. It makes you feel quite humble about your day-to-day work and want to switch to civil engineering almost immediatly :-) I am always tempted to imagine what would a building look like if it has been design with the same approach and rigourness than what some of developers of our sector would.

002 : I Love Beer

Still learning how to manage my “One Thing I Learned everyday” process. I could talk about some important matters I discovered today, but it’s friday evening and I’m joining friends later so I’ll write about beer. As you know I love beer (and heavy metal)! Here are a couple of things I learnt on beer recently. Brewdog has opened a share plan. For the occasion, they are publishing recipies for all its beer on their website.

001 : Harden Your Systems

First of the What I Learnt Today, let’s start with something easy :-) A couple of technical resources for your servers : Hardenining your website with some easy to setup htaccess rules That One Privacy Guy’s VPN Comparison Chart Update Your Wordpresses through command line

A New Blog

Hi! Welcome to my new blog. Yes! A new blog in 2016. As much as I’ve been working with and for media professionals for more than 7 years, both in developing countries and main media, I lost the habit of writing (which I used to have). For whatever reason I never manage to get to write in a 140 characters format, or on a third party branded platform. I need a place I own and control completely.

Still learning

Am still playing with Hugo. A couple of things I’m trying to implement. Continuous integration setup with Wercker. Debug theme (bullet points are missing on the homepage). Better integration with Prose. Theme based template for Hugo (later). So I have achieved the following setup. Thanks Atchai. Am documenting the process here so I can share it with friends. The website you are reading is being served by a static site generator (SSG).

Hello Prose

Now setting up Prose. With file attachment. Not optimal yet.

Hello World

My first post from a static generator file. I am riding a fixie on Internet :-)

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