Hello and welcome to my site :-)

My name is Thomas, I’m a (French & Lebanese) software engineer based in London, UK.

I’ve started to build my first homepage on Geocities (I sadly lost my Neighbourhood id). Then ran a couple of heavy metal bands fansites as a teenager, which pushed me to learn the first basics of PHP and MySQL . This put me on the web development track as a computer science student, when most of our courses were still traditional old school programming (C++, J2EE, Lisp).

I’ve then been writing a lot, especially when I spend 20 months in Armenia (in 2006/2007), then on various musical blogs. A habit I’ve then lost while focusing on building websites for others (a private social network for families, a wide range of journalists from developing countries, a major international cooking chef, and more recently apps for a startup in the med-tech field ), instead of my own. A habit I’m trying to get back to with this blog.

Can we get in touch?

[Drop me a line](mailto: thomas AT seropian DOT io) at anytime, I’m usually quite fast to reply :-)

If you’re passing by London, we can even meet for coffee. I love coffee.

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