A New Blog

Hi! Welcome to my new blog.

Yes! A new blog in 2016. As much as I’ve been working with and for media professionals for more than 7 years, both in developing countries and main media, I lost the habit of writing (which I used to have). For whatever reason I never manage to get to write in a 140 characters format, or on a third party branded platform. I need a place I own and control completely.

I’m intending to use this space to write about some of the topics I’m interested, such as online freedom of expression and privacy, innovation focused on acces to information and media development. My goal won’t be to convince or to show off, but rather selfishly, to get a learning experience and better understand some of those topics.

Another experiment I want to try is to publish on a regulary basis (starting twice a week) links on things I learnt online. It will start obviously with some technical bits but my final goal is to widen this horizon and get into a learning routine. Let’s see how I can manage this.

I’ll also use it to experiment Content-As-Code approach, and see how I can reuse it in my dayjob.

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