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005 : Dockerized

Hi there. Long time no see. I’ve been busy but is working on getting back to writing :-) Meanwhile I’ve been geeking a bit with Docker.I wanted a practical exercise so why not trying to host a website on it. This blog is now served from a Docker container on a Digital Ocean VPS. I’ve also deployed a Let’s Encrypt certificate. This blog is now full HTTPS Yay :) Links and notes on the setup:

A New Blog

Hi! Welcome to my new blog. Yes! A new blog in 2016. As much as I’ve been working with and for media professionals for more than 7 years, both in developing countries and main media, I lost the habit of writing (which I used to have). For whatever reason I never manage to get to write in a 140 characters format, or on a third party branded platform. I need a place I own and control completely.