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008: The Ewing Theory

We have one ritual in my new job. Every other Friday afternoon, one of us has to present a non-work related topic of its interest (usually 10-15 minutes). There is no limitation for that and we can cover whatever we want. The only detail is we usually bring a couple of nerf guns so things can get crazy in one way of the other. Anyway, it’s really good fun. I recycled an old presentation for my first round so no big surprises there (it’s also a subject I covered so many times in my previous jobs).

006 : End To End Encryption in 10 minutes

Earlier this year, I’ve been asked to explain how end-to-end encryption is working for a non-technical audience (think of computer litterate people who do not know that much of geek stuff outside or their MSOffice package). The only constrain was time (10 minutes maximum). That was very interesting experience and brought great prompt for more discussions. I thought the presentation support could be of interest for someone else. Here is it, on Slideshare.