008: The Ewing Theory

We have one ritual in my new job.

Every other Friday afternoon, one of us has to present a non-work related topic of its interest (usually 10-15 minutes). There is no limitation for that and we can cover whatever we want. The only detail is we usually bring a couple of nerf guns so things can get crazy in one way of the other. Anyway, it’s really good fun.

I recycled an old presentation for my first round so no big surprises there (it’s also a subject I covered so many times in my previous jobs).

However, for my 2nd round, I wanted to be bit more creative. I ended up picking the 1990s NBA, some of the rivalries during that era, [the dramatic Cinderella run of New York Knicks in 1999] (http://www.givemesport.com/758415-1999-knicks-the-ugliest-cinderella-story-in-playoff-history) and the Ewing Theory that followed.

I’m not a sport analyst, but I tried to put some very limited understanding and my basic intepretation so apologize for any approximation. Also please bear in mind this was a 15 minutes presentation long for most of completely NBA ignorant people.

It was lots of fun though so I figure out I’d put my slides here too (and also trying to keep the bi-weekly blog post rythm).


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