011: Echochamber.ai - part 1

TL;DR: I’m building a new prototype of a social media product. It’s called Echochamber.ai.

I’ve started to document the process here.

From the about page:

Echochamber.ai is an anti-echo-chamber tool. First, we identify your topics of interest based on your Twitter profile and the accounts you follow. Then, we will send you a daily digest of 5 news based on relevant issues for you outside of your social media bubble.

Week 0: the context

Week 1: W/C Jan 31, designing the infrastructure

Week 2: W/C Feb 7

Week 3: W/C Feb 14: Writing code

Week 4: W/C Feb 21: First users

Week 5: W/C Feb 28

W/C 6: Mar 7

So after 6 weeks, I realised that sending links that users are not aware of is easy. However, sending interesting links is much more complex and requires more fine-tuned experiments.

While I’ve decided to continue working on this idea, I’m stepping back. Taking a full-time contract for 6 months while working on the next iteration.

End of the 1st post, to be continued :-)

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