2018 is starting with as much changes as 2017 (well at least the blog is not moving host, I’m still happy with AWS). Lots of moving pieces on the personal and professional side too (as expected, my Chromebook is now taking the dust :-)).

I’m now head of engineering for a startup, working at the intersection of artificial intelligence and health technologies. We are building deep learning applications for skin cancer research and I’m in charge of all our end-user apps.

It’s quite a change from my work with NGOs and supporting hostile environments journalists to embrace digital security and encryption which makes the challenges even more exciting.

Technology wise, we are full stack Javascript so I’m learning a lot of things here, especially playing with React and React Native (I’ll write about it later).

However, long story short, I’ve been neglecting this blog too much and I want to get back to writing more regularly this year. I don’t care about the audience at all but I want to do it mostly for myself to push me documenting my life (both on the personal & technical side).

I’ll try to commit to a bi-weekly / monthly post to start with with the goal to manage to make it weekly.

See you in 2 weeks then.

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