007 : Chromebooks

Being in-between jobs, I needed a cheap laptop to be able to work outside of my flat in my favorite South London cafes.

I could have got a nice Macbook or the Ubuntu certified Dell XPS13 (or even a Thinkpad) but these tiny machines don’t come cheap and there is a strong change that I would get a work laptop with my next job matching the same specs. So I’d rarther save a grand for a personal laptop that could get the dust in a couple of weeks.

In a nutshell I would be basically look at the following specs:

I had a look at the Chromebook line which would fit most of these criteria for about 300 GBP. I ended up getting the Chromebook 14 from Currys.

Mandatory geek setup :

That’s all for now.

I’ve been using the chromebook on a daily basis (on Ubuntu whenever I needed to do some coding work, ChromeOs otherwise) and I’m happy with it.

The only limitations I found are setting up Vagrant on Crouton. There are some workarounds but I haven’t dig into them yet.

Otherwise all good.

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