012: Echochamber.ai - part 2

TL;DR: I’m building a new prototype of a social media product. It’s called Echochamber.ai and I’m documenting the process.

I left you in mid-March with the first prototype of my Echochamber.ai idea, which was, at best funny, at worst stupid. However, the feedback about the idea was significantly positive. I would regularly pitch the idea, and people would grasp it instantly (or be completely insensible, but that’s fine 🙂)

While I felt it was too early to continue focusing full-time on the idea, I took a full-time contract to get some cash while working on the next iteration on the side.

9 months later, a quick update and lessons learnt.

I finished my contract at the end of November and am now full-time, focusing on finalizing a prototype and validating my hypothesis:

Users would be interested in receiving weekly links digest from a different perspective on topics of their interest.

Watch this space for part 3.

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